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The movie CASTING PARTY AT DALLAS VOL 6 features Anastasya Luna and Emilie Martini fucking random guys to see if they have what it takes to become porn actors.

As the scene CASTING PARTY AT DALLAS VOL 6 opens, our 2 young ladies ask a few questions to get to know the 2 candidates. They then choose their partner and move towards their chosen spot. The 2 men take their shirt off while the girls are already in their underwear. Our 2 stars help them remove their pants without waiting any further. They then masturbate the 2 men to get them ready for action. It is not an easy task considering how nervous the camera makes them. Emilie kneels in front of her man, allowing him to caress her a little bit. She then bends forward to offer him her pretty ass cheeks. He takes advantage and inserts a finger inside her pussy. Meanwhile, Anastasya removes her bra. She keeps vigorously jacking off the candidate she has chosen.

As her partner’s dick is now hard enough, Emilie puts on a condom and begins sucking him off. The pretty Anastasya does the same thing on her side. Things are going fairly well and after a moment, the brunette’s partner makes her lie on her back to remove her panties. He frenetically rubs her pussy while the blonde girl strokes her breasts in front of her partner. Emilie’s candidate is now ready to slide his cock inside of her. He begins fucking her as she spreads her legs wide apart. Anastasya’s partner has a hard time maintaining his erection so she masturbates him some more as he caresses her butt and pussy.


As soon as he gets hard enough, she puts a condom on his dick and props her hands on the backrest so that he can enter her from behind. In the meantime, Emilie takes a short break and sucks her candidate’s cock. The tiny blonde moans loudly, following the rhythm of her partner’s movements. As Emilie gets on all four to get ready for what lays ahead, Anastasya’s partner turns her over and penetrates her again. We can see droplets of sweat glistening on her abdomen. He pulls out after a short while, ready to get sucked off some more. The 2 young ladies eventually resort to masturbation to give their partners a well deserved orgasm. As the 2 men have successfully passed the test, they receive the AD4X stamp of approval.



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