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The clip DEEP IN THE THROAT shows us Steffy Grant as she gives an intense blowjob to her boyfriend of the moment.

The scene begins as we see Steffy putting on some makeup while sitting in front of a mirror. When her friend comes in to join her, it soon gets evident that he has something else in mind. He starts kissing her as he gently caresses her body and she seems receptive to his advances. He then sits in front of her and slowly inserts his fingers under the side of her pants. As he takes them off, he gives some gentle kisses on her exposed behind. He then makes her sit on top of the toilet tank after taking off her panties. She props a foot on the edge of the sink, which gets her legs wide open. He caresses and kisses her breasts while sliding his hands under her thighs. After a short while, he wets his fingers with his saliva and begins to stroke her pussy.

Pushing his fingers deep inside her, he stimulates her G-spot to make her come repeatedly. He then proceeds to lick her twat, which the young lady really seems to appreciate. When he gets up, he sucks on her toes before putting her feet down on his cock so that she can use them to masturbate him. He then gets closer so that she can give him a proper blowjob. Notwithstanding the impressive size of his manhood, she still is able to fit it’s whole length inside her mouth. She then quickly jerks him off before she goes back to sucking him for a while. When he feels the need to take a break, he goes back down to her pussy while masturbating to preserve his erection.


Now that he is ready to keep going, he takes her top off and wraps it around his erect dick. She pushes his huge cock deep down her throat while he grabs her head to press her firmly against him. After a moment, she gets up and he turns her around so that she can lay against the sink. He then inserts his fingers into her vagina and quickly stimulates her. Pulling her cheeks apart with his other hand, he licks her butt hole with the tip of his tongue, while he keeps masturbating. She then turns around to face him and resume her fellatio. They will then alternate for a while before she kneels in front of him to suck him off until he blows his load all over her face.



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