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GENTLY PLEASE is a vintage porn scene in which Nicole Cooper offers a nice blowjob to her partner before getting fucked.

The scene begins as the couple is seated in a living room. They first exchange some passionate kisses before the man licks and kisses his partner’s neck. As the young lady rests against the armrest, he seizes the opportunity to place some soft kisses on her twat. He moves her panties aside, revealing her shaved pussy while sliding his tongue up and down over her wet lips. He then inserts two fingers in her box as the young woman moans her pleasure. Leaving momentarily her pussy, he lifts his fingers to his partner’s mouth to let her taste her own juices. Since she pulled her top down to caress her breasts, he takes advantage and lightly bites her erect nipples.

The young woman gets down on her knees in front of her lover to offer him a fellatio. She slowly licks his dick, while masturbating him as she gently grabs his testicles. The man begins some back and forth movements and pressing the tip of his cock against the inside her cheek. Letting go of his dick for a moment, she licks his balls before sticking her tongue out so that he can gently slap his cock on it. Now satisfied with her performance, she lays on her back and raises her legs, ready for penetration. Her partner pushes his dick all the way to the bottom of her pussy as she stretches her lips and reveals her clit. As her lover rams her twat, she caresses herself with the tip of her fingers to intensify her pleasure.


When she turns around to kneel on the couch, the man takes advantage of this position to push his cock even deeper within her. Accelerating his rhythm, he keeps fucking her as she spreads her cheeks to ease up his movements. We catch a glimpse of her very wet pussy as she continues stroking her clit. He pulls his penis out and pushes it up her asshole while she resumes her exciting caresses. After a while, he sits on the couch as she takes over and rides him hard, still in anal mode. With her feet up on her partner’s knees, while he supports her lower back with his hands, she uses her free hand to stroke her clit some more. She keeps going with a fast rhythm before kneeling in front of her lover so that he can ejaculate in her mouth.



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