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The movie HANNA PAIGE FROM ST-PAUL lets you meet Hanna Paige, a pretty young woman making her first steps in the porn industry. She offers herself with no holds barred in this electrifying solo scene.

Pretty Hanna seems somewhat bored, all alone at home on a sunny afternoon. As she climbs the stairs leading to her bedroom, she slips a hand in her panties and lightly strokes her pussy. She only climb a few stairs before she needs to stop to rub her clit vigorously. As she gets to the top landing, she pulls off her nightgown to better access her pretty boobs. After a short while, she takes off her bra, giving us a view of her erect nipples. She then turns around to remove her panties and shows us her freshly shaved pussy. Leaning forward, she inserts a finger inside her vagina and begins a slow back and forth motion.

She then slowly moves towards the bed on which she kneels as she rubs her twat and caresses her breasts feverishly. After a moment, she sits on the edge of the bed, facing a large mirror. Her position allows her to look at her slender body as she keeps up with her stimulation. With half-closed eyes, she lets her body fall back, enjoying the effects of her caresses which are now getting more precise. Her ragged breathing betrays the excitement she gets from the quick brushing of her fingers on her clitoris.


As she gets up in front of the mirror, she licks her fingers to taste her pussy juices. She keeps rubbing herself as she admires her pretty young body in the mirror. Leaning forward to better reach her pussy, she pulls her bouncy little cheeks apart with her free hand. She then turns around and puts her foot up on the bed, spreading her legs wide open to get better access to her twat. Stroking herself relentlessly, she sits on the bed when her shaky legs can no longer carry her. With her efforts finally rewarded, she licks her fingers again after a well deserved orgasm.



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