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The scene JACINTHE COTE CASTING, will introduce you to Jacinthe Cote, a newcomer making a forceful beginning at the hands of Mam Steel.

The sequence begins with a questions-answers formula, allowing you to learn a bit about Jacinthe’s preferences in her every day life. She then meets Mam, just before they get down to serious business. After a few deep kisses, he takes off his pants, unveiling his penis already hard and ready to get sucked. Pretty Jacinthe doesn’t need much convincing to shove his impressive dick down her hungry mouth. She slowly masturbates him as she pushes his long dick deep within her throat. As she keeps sucking his cock, she grabs his balls and starts to massage them gently. Her saliva flows down as she manages to put his whole dick down the bottom of her throat. She then licks his testicles, just so she can add some variety to her stimulation.


After a while, she gets up to straddle Mam, takes her shirt off and bends forward to kiss him deeply. He then pulls down Jacinthe’s pants and moves her panties aside, just enough to shove his cock up her pussy. With some quick and powerful thrusts, he wastes no time and fucks her intensely right from the start. When she gets up to switch positions, Mam takes advantage of this short break to remove her pants. She then kneels on the leather couch, lifting her cheeks up to offer him her soaking wet pussy. As he pushes his dick deep within her, Jacinthe lets out some cries of pleasure, betraying her growing excitement. He then unties her bra and grabs her boobs before placing his hands on her lower back so that she arches her back some more.


When she can’t take it anymore, she gets up to suck Mam’s cock as he sits back on the couch. Getting close to orgasm, he pushes her head down, making her take his dick all the way down her throat. Lying down on his side, he lays Jacinthe in front of him and enters her from behind to fuck her pussy deeply. He then turns her over on her stomach and rides her hard until he comes all over her back and her rounded cheeks.



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