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JENNIFER DIRTY SECRETARY VOL 2 offers you a day at the office with Jenny, a pretty secretary who really takes her job at heart.

The scene begins as Jennifer walks toward her boss’ office. After a short conversation, she makes herself a coffee before going back to see her superior. When she gets to the door, her boss walks to her and begins kissing her while letting his hands roam on her boobs and butt. It doesn’t take much more to convince Jennifer to start removing her clothes. Her supervisor takes advantage of the situation and begins undoing her blouse while she removes his tie. As he slowly strokes her pussy, she finishes removing her blouse. She then lets her skirt fall to the floor while the man takes his shirt off.

Kneeling in front of him, she pulls his cock out through his fly and begins sucking his dick hungrily. She blows him frenetically while masturbating him. Since she has pretty large breasts, she puts her boss’ hard-on in between them, offering him some very sweet caresses. After a while, she gets up, removes her panties and lifts a leg up, allowing him access from behind. She holds on to the door jamb as he fucks her vigorously. After what seems a long moment, they enter the room before she lies down on his desk, getting ready for some more action. Notwithstanding the intensity of her partner, she also brushes her clit to add even more stimulation. He then turns her on her side before resuming his back and forth motions.


When her boss starts running low on energy, Jennifer takes over by straddling him when he lies on his back. Bracing herself on his torso, she pushes his dick to the very bottom of her pussy every time she goes down on him.

After she’s had a few good orgasms, the man gets up so that she can resume her blowjob until he ejaculates all over her generous boobs.


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