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TINY ASIAN is a clip starring the very pretty Suki Lee as she gives herself an orgasm to occupy her free time.

The scene opens with Suki brushing her long hair while sitting on a couch in her living room. We can assume that she is getting ready for a date. She then begins filing her nails that are also in need for some care. It then is time for her to touch-up her makeup. She uses her phone as a makeshift mirror to admire the results. Once she is done getting ready, she takes off her sweater and walks toward the window. She rolls up the blind, removes her pants and sits on the window sill. As she brushes her thighs, she pulls off her bra and caresses her breasts before closing the blind and pulling down her panties.

She then comes over to lay down on the leather couch and lets her hands run all over her body. It doesn’t take long before her hands aim toward her shaved pussy. Her caresses are now getting more precise and the moans she lets out betray her growing excitement. She then pulls out from her purse a strange metallic object that looks like a large fishhook ending in a ball. First licking the ball to make it slippery, she then inserts it inside her tiny pussy. Holding the handle firmly in her hand, she uses the contraption to masturbate herself. After a while, she kneels on the couch and keeps screwing herself with ever growing intensity.


When she can’t take it anymore, she sits on the couch again and resumes her quick back and forth motions. The involuntary twitches from her body tell us that she is about to have an orgasm. Once she has reached the point of no return, she pulls out the object and puts it in her mouth to finally taste the reward brought on by her effort.



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