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The scene ZOE ZEBRA 2 YEARS LATER is Zoe Zebra‘s comeback in the porn business after a 2 years hiatus.

The scene begins with Alex Ducas joining Zoe as she sits on a bed while wearing a purple negligee. They talk about Zoe’s screen comeback, following her 2 years break. She seems a little nervous to get back on the set for a shoot as she keeps giggling uncontrollably. After a short while, she kneels on the bed and begins giving him a blowjob.

As he gets more excited, Alex holds her head and pushes his dick deep into her throat. Since his cock is somewhat larger than average, tears soon come up Zoe’s eyes. Then, as he lies on the bed next to her to get more comfortable, he asks her to resume her fellatio. After a moment, he straddles her torso to position himself so that he can glide his penis between her big breasts. Going quickly from her boobs to her mouth, he then leaves her momentarily so that he can lick her nipples.


When he feels ready to get serious, he tells her to stroke her pussy as he puts on a condom. He positions himself between her legs and pushes his cock deep within her with no further notice. After some powerful thrusts, Zoe asks him to slow down and be a little more gentle. He reminds her that they are in the middle of a porn scene before going really slow, acting as if they were lovers.

As they switch position, it’s now Zoe’s turn to fuck him vigorously. With each of her long and quick thrusts, she buries his big cock deep inside her twat as she moans with pleasure. She then turns around on him and keeps fucking him hard and deep. Her past experiences soon come up as she keeps getting more and more confident. As she seems somewhat out of breath, he gets on his knees and enters her from behind. Now that he is in control, he keeps fucking her hard until he gets ready to come. Flipping her on her side and then on her stomach, he keeps thrusting deeply inside her until he finally ejaculates between her cheeks.



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